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Rugby Tackle

Beginners Level 


Coaching & 


​Topics Covered: 

  • Mindset (Fixed and Growth) - Adaptability, Flexibility And Anticipation 

  • Agile Team Roles and Responsibilities

  • Self-Organization and Empowerment

  • Story Writing

  • Planning - what to build and how to be efficient

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Delivery, And Adjust Based On Learnings & Market Change

  • Incremental Business Value and Business Results

Advanced Level 


Coaching & 


Topics Covered:

  • Soft Skills - Communication, Leadership, Problem Solving, Decision Making & Creativity 

  • Product Ownership Roles and Responsibilities

  • Build Business Vision, Product Roadmap & Product Backlog

  • Prioritization, Estimation & Planning with Cross Functional Integrated Teams

  • Integration Testing, End-to-End System Testing and User Acceptance Testing

  • Business Value Realization, Business Approval and Outcome Measures


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