Corporate Training Available 

SAFe® Certifications

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Kanna Subhas

Agile Transformation Coach

Corporate Training Available 

Agile Coaching 

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Kanna Subhas

Agile Transformation Coach

Corporate Training Available 

Data Analytics Consulting 

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Uma Krishnaraju

Sr. Data Architect

We Specialize in Enterprise Lean-Agile Transformation Training, Coaching & Data Science Consulting Services

Accelerate Business Growth

Ensures alignment across business units and information technology on what priorities are and why they are important.

Speed Product Development

Develop strategic level plan and roadmap for the goals & outcomes of the product that includes key milestones.

Develop Innovative People 

Estimate effort and value. Objectives by iteration linked back to identified strategic goals in product development roadmap. 

Scaled Agile 5.0 Training & Certification

SAFe 5.0 - Leading SAFe, SAFe for Teams, SAFe Scrum Master and SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager, 

Integrate Data & Analytics 

Feel your customer experience, build foundational data platforms, emphasize products incrementally, real time visibility, system connectivity, the art of automation, remote accessibility and decision tools.

Increase Quality & Automation

Weekly planning, focus on roadblocks, risks, milestones, Kanban Approach, story mapping, Agile Mindset & consulting on practices.


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